Gdańsk University of Technology is 120 years old!

This anniversary is not only an opportunity to reminisce, but also a time to reflect on the legacy left by generations of graduates and employees of our university. From the very beginning, Gdańsk University of Technology has educated future leaders, engineers and thinkers, influencing not only the development of the region and the country, but also the world of science and technology.

We invite you to a journey through 120 years of achievements, passion for discovery and heritage that constitute the foundation for the future of the university.

Invitation of the Rector of Gdańsk University of Technology to celebrate the anniversary

The anniversary involves a number of interesting events, exhibitions and performances that not only refer to the rich history of the university, but also show its equally compelling life, ambitions and aspirations. We invite you to take a look at the anniversary calendar! We are sure that you will find something of interest to you from the attractive offer of events.

See the program of the anniversary events (Polish version)

We will be celebrating all year round!