Honorary Committee

The Honorary Committee symbolically chairs the Jubilee, actively supports its goals and values and ensures a dignified setting of the Jubilee.

The invitation to join the Honorary Committee was accepted by:

Szymon Hołownia – The Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland
Dariusz Wieczorek – Minister of Science
Beata Rutkiewicz – Voiviode of the Pomeranian Voivodeship
Mieczysław Struk – Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Sejmik
Aleksandra Dulkiewicz – Mayor of the City of Gdańsk
Wojciech Szczurek – Mayor of the City of Gdynia
Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim – acting Mayor of the City of Sopot
prof. Marek Konarzewski – President of the Polish Academy of Sciences 
prof. Arkadiusz Mężyk – President of CRASP (Rector of the Silesian University of Technology)
prof. Teofil Jesionowski – President of KRPUT (rector of the Poznań University of Technology)
prof. Marcin Gruchała – Chairman of the Assembly of the Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdańsk, Rector of the Medical University of Gdańsk
prof. Piotr Stepnowski – Member of the Assembly of the Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdańsk, Rector of the University of Gdańsk
prof. Edmund Wittbrodt – rector of Gdańsk Tech in 1990-1996
prof. Aleksander Kołodziejczyk – rector of Gdańsk Tech in 1996-2002
prof. Henryk Krawczyk – rector of Gdańsk Tech in 2008-2016

Program Committee

The Program Committee develops an action plan related to the celebration of the anniversary of our University and ensures the highest substantive level of the planned events.

The Program Committee consists of:

prof. Krzysztof Wilde – rector, Chairman
prof. Sławomir Milewski – Vice-Rector for Scientific Research
prof. Dariusz Mikielewicz – Vice-Rector for Organization and Development 
prof. Janusz Nieznański – Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Innovation
prof. Mariusz Kaczmarek – Vice-Rector for Education
prof. Barbara Wikieł – Vice-Rector for Student Affairs
prof. Lucyna Nyka – Dean of the FA
prof. Agata Kot-Wasik – Dean of the FCh
prof. Jacek Stefański – Dean of the FETI
prof. Mirosław Wołoszyn – Dean of the FECE
prof. Józef E. Sienkiewicz – Dean of the FAPhM
prof. Joanna Żukowska – Dean of the FCEE
prof. Andrzej Seweryn – Dean of the FMEST
prof. Małgorzata Gawrycka – Dean of the FME
Mariusz Miler, M.Sc. Eng – Chancellor
Anna Gerlach, MA – Vice-Chancellor for Infrastructure 
Ph.D., Eng. Andrzej Sobecki – Vice-Chancellor for IT
Piotr Lewandowski, MA – Bursar

The Program Committee was established in the Rector's circular letter 34/2023 of September 12, 2023.