To the Academic Community of Gdańsk University of Technology,
Friends of our University,

It is my pleasure and honor to invite you to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Gdańsk University of Technology and the academic traditions of the region.

Over the years 1904–2024, the authorities of the university and its official names changed – starting from the Royal University of Technology in Gdańsk, ending at Gdańsk University of Technology – as times of turmoil left a mark on its history. During this period, the university has shaped the scientific face of Gdańsk, while the awareness of its academic independence and equality allowed it to continue the contemporary and pre-war achievements.

While constantly developing, Gdańsk University of Technology recognizes the challenges of the present. Therefore, our mission is to provide the highest quality knowledge, solutions and staff for the benefit of society and the environment, aiming at becoming a world-class research university. Such a university must set new paths for research, provide flexible education tailored to individual needs, offer humanistic training for engineers, create innovations for future generations, serve society and strengthen the status of the Tri-City as one of the leading academic centers in the country.

By inviting you to participate in the celebration of our anniversary, we would like to share our achievements and successes and to present the role that Gdańsk University of Technology plays in the development of Polish science. Proud of our academic tradition, we have prepared a program full of diverse scientific and cultural events.

Our aim is to create a modern and open university, therefore the entire academic community and all friends of Gdańsk University of Technology are invited to commemorate the anniversary together with us. Let's celebrate 120 years of history together, looking into to the future with hope!

Prof. Krzysztof Wilde, corresponding member of PAS
Rector of Gdańsk University of Technology